A Future With Us

The benefits of being a Homemakers Member.

  • Buying Power in both Local and Imports
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Australian and International Brands
  • Product protection and Exclusivity
  • Enhanced profits
  • Central office Support & Communication
  • Members Meetings & Imports
  • Central reference for Sourcing & Buying
  • Networking with the best Independent furniture retailers in Australia
  • Strong group recognition in the Industry and growing Brand recognition to the consumer markets

Importing and Bulk Buying

Containers of product are regularly brought into Australia from overseas and warehoused in Brisbane and Melbourne. The discounts achieved from purchasing Products in this manner are passed onto members and also means access to stock within a 10 day turn around.

Bulk buys provide real savings on everyday products and the savings gained are passed on to stores by way of lower buying prices to the advantage of its members. It also provides us with competitive pricing and great opportunities.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is a critical component to any business’ success. This is why Homemakers place extreme emphasis on the importance of brand awareness and regular promotional activities. Enhancement of Homemakers competitive positioning is achieved through a balance and in store merchandising.

The Group produces two catalogues per year which are released each year working in conjunction with TV spots.

Through our television campaigns we are now able to combine our buying power on a local basis giving increased air time. Also available for members is a library of TV commercials targeted for special events such as stocktake sales and leather lounge sales.